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Vintage programmable calculators

Casio FX-700P

photo of the Casio FX-700P calculator

Casio PB-700

photo of the Casio PB-700 calculator

Casio PB-1000

photo of the Casio PB-1000 calculator

Casio PB-2000C

photo of the Casio PB-2000C calculator

Casio MD-100

Casio FX-602P

photo of the calculator Casio FX-602P

Casio FX-702P

photo of the Casio FX-702P calculator

Casio FX-8000G

photo of the calculator Casio FX-8000G

The microprocessor μPD1007 is also used in the calculators FX-6000G, FX-7000G, FX-8500G.

Casio SF-9300

The microprocessor HD62076/μPD3055 is also used in the calculators FX-7700G, FX-8700G.

Casio FX-7500G

photo of the Casio FX-7500G calculator

The microprocessor HD62023/μPD1037 is also used in the financial calculator FC-1000 and in the organizers SF-4000, SF-4100, SF-7500.

Casio FP-40

photo of the Casio FP-40 printer

Elektronika MK-90

photo of the Elektronika MK-90 calculator

Elektronika MK-85

photo of the Elektronika MK-85 calculator

The design of this calculator is obviously based on the Casio FX-700P, but it appears to be an entirely different machine after all. It uses a 16-bit PDP-11 compatible microprocessor along with external RAM, program ROM and LCD controller. Such open architecture makes it an interesting object of hacking.

Elektronika MK-87

The design of this electronic organizer is inspired by a similar Casio PF-3000 model, but it is built on the same component base as the Elektronika MK-85.

photo of the Elektronika MK-87 electronic organizer


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